Hi! I am so happy you’re here…

For most sessions, this is my process:

  • Waivers and legal disclaimers: If you are visiting me in person you’ll be asked to sign waivers so I can speak candidly with no liability. If you are booking online you will see these waivers during checkout and all over the fine print of this website. I do not answer questions regarding death, gambling, or anything that has negative consequences or intentions for yourself or others. If you are expressing intentions to harm yourself or others you will be reported to the proper authorities. I reserve the right to refuse service at any time. Repeat clients do not need to sign forms again unless they have been recently updated.
  • During your session:
    • For approximately 10 minutes before our scheduled time, I meditate and clear the space where the reading or energy healing will be performed.
    • I pray over you, to connect with God/source, my angels, anyone in spirit with messages of healing and so on. I pray for accurate and positive answers that you are ready to hear and will help you move forward in life.
    • Allow yourself to completely relax. Imagine dropping any walls, and opening your heart. Knowing that my messages are primarily positive. You are safe. If they are not positive we can work through them by asking intuitively for you what you can do to improve the situation and turn it around.
    • I tune into your energy. I may ask to hold your hand in person, your birthdate, a first name, or a photo to focus on. These are all methods that help me connect with the energy to receive messages more clearly and faster. Over a phone reading, I may request a digital photo. I typically do not request these items until after your session begins, however sending your photo in advance may be helpful to avoid taking up time during your session.
    • In my sessions, I use any or all of my training and techniques as guided too. Every session is completely different. I wish others could hear or witness how different every session is, as it is even more validating that each session is completely unique and surprising even to me!
    • For Readings:
      • I ask to know nothing about you or your questions for the first few minutes. I only ask for your questions in advance for shorter online sessions or email readings to save time. I can often validate something specific and unexpected to share with you, this helps validate my accuracy, so you can relax and trust the rest of the process.
      • Once I have validated my accuracy we can begin your reading session.  After you agree that I have a valid connection to reading you, we can begin answering questions immediately! You can ask very specific questions. Make each question short and simple. If I am given too much to work with, I will help you break it down into more precise questions to answer. Learn more about the types of questions other clients ask on the intuitive readings page.
      • More Information About Items and Photos: It is always helpful to bring digital or physical photos, items, names, company names, event dates, and so on of targets involved in your reading. I can usually connect faster and give more specific information with a focus. Although I use many methods, I work frequently using telemetry or psychometry, which is the act of touching an object. If you’ve ever watched any psychic detective shows you will often see they request photos, objects, names, birthdates, maps, etc. and use the same methods.
  • What you receive: You can often keep some mementos of your session.
    • In-Person – You can keep any of my hand-written notes. Take photos of the oracle cards. Record the reading on your phone voice recorder. You can ask me to handwrite a summary of our session.
    • Distance – I send photos of any handwritten notes, crystal healing grids, tarot or oracle card spreads, if any of these methods are used, after your session. You are also welcome to record our phone call.


If you would like a mediumship reading please come prepared to focus only on mediumship in your session. Only live phone calls, webinar calls, or in-person readings with a minimum of 30 minutes of time can be dedicated to a mediumship reading. Mediumship readings require a big energy shift for myself from psychic work, reiki energy work, or angel readings. In my other readings, I can answer a lot of questions and change topics quickly. Mediumship is often slower-paced and takes patience.  Photos, items, names and birthdays of the people you would like me to connect with are always helpful. Pets are always welcome.


Spiritual Energy Healing:

I perform energy work always with no touching and can be performed on my crystal mat lined massage table, while you sit in a chair, or via a distance. If you think about it, if I can do energy work without touching you, then it does travel a distance anyway! Learn more about Spiritual Energy Healing. I have more detailed information about what to prepare for with energy work in the FAQ.


Booking / Payments / How to Connect:

For these specific details, please hop over to the FAQ.