Hi! I am so happy you’re here…

For all types of readings:

I’m going to go over the speech that I give to most clients when they sit down with me for their first reading.

  1. First, you’ll be asked to sign waivers so I can speak candidly (with no liability). Unlike most other readers, I do answer questions regarding medical, legal, and finance when I feel comfortable doing so. I’ve been hired to work on court cases many times with success. (I do not answer questions regarding a time of death for anyone, gambling, or anything else that I feel is not for our highest and best good. My services are for spiritual healing.) 
  2. I take notes on pen and paper that you can keep, or I will photograph and email to you after your phone session. You are welcome to record the audio of your session as well. 
  3. I pray over you, to connect with God/source, my angels, anyone in spirit with messages of healing and so on. I pray for accurate and positive answers that you are ready to hear and will help you move forward in life. By the way, for approximately 10 minutes before every session, I meditate and clear the space where the reading or energy healing will be performed.
  4. Allow yourself to completely relax. Imagine dropping any walls, and opening your heart. Knowing that my messages are primarily positive.  You are safe. If they are not positive we can work through them by asking intuitively for you what you can do to improve the situation and turn it around.
  5. I ask to know nothing about your questions for the first few minutes.  I may talk about how you are feeling, give specific patterns, items,  or draw pictures of something in your life that I could not know otherwise. I do this to validate my accuracy so you can relax and trust the rest of the process. My healing sessions begin in a similar way, where I do the healing without reading your intake forms. I prefer to do a somewhat blind reading and healing sessions where I do not know at first why you are seeing me, as the validation is very beneficial to both of us. In a healing session, my clients often find I focus on the areas in their body needing healing they did not tell me about.
  6. I may ask to hold your hand, your birthdate, and accurate first name for you or other targets in your reading. These are all methods that help me connect with the energy to receive messages more clearly and faster. Over a phone reading I may request a digital photo. I typically do not request these items until after your session begins, however sending your photo in advance may be helpful to avoid taking up time during your session.
  7. Once I have validated my accuracy we can begin your reading session.  After you agree that I have a valid connection to reading you, we can begin answering questions immediately! You can ask very specific and detailed questions.  If you want to ask about other people, I still respect their privacy by asking what you need to know for everyone’s highest and best good.
  8. It is always helpful to bring digital or physical photos, items, names, company names, event dates, and so on of people or targets, you would like me to check on. I can usually connect faster, and give more specific information. It’s like a psychic google search. I need to know specifically what to ask or who to connect to. 
  9. In my sessions my focus on your well-being, via providing answers and spiritual healing. I use any or all of my training and techniques as guided too. Every session is completely different. For example, I have a background in marketing, and while one client may sit down and receive guided steps to grow their business, another may sit down with messages from loved ones, and another may be guided to learn about how to clear their energy. I wish others could hear how different every session is, as it is even more validating that I am being guided in so many ways to help people.
  10. When you are a repeat client, you will already be familiar with all of this and sessions connect and begin much faster. Repeat clients do not need to sign forms again unless they have been recently updated.


Mediumship readings require a big energy shift for myself from psychic work, reiki energy work, or angel readings. In my other readings, I can answer a lot of questions and change topics quickly. Mediumship is sometimes slower paced and takes patience. If you would like a mediumship reading please come prepared to focus only on mediumship in your session. Photos, items, names and birthdays of the people you would like me to connect with are always helpful. Pets are always welcome 🙂

Energy Work:

I perform energy work with no touching and can be performed on my crystal mat lined massage table, while you sit in a chair, or via a distance. If you think about it, if I can do energy work without touching you, then it does travel a distance anyway! I have more information about what to prepare for with energy work in the FAQ.