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Radically Shifting Pain into Healing

We’ve all experienced pain at some point in our lives. It’s an inevitable part of this human being experience we share.

What if you could shift your pain into healing?

Like magic out of thin air?

What if the solution to healing is to look at something from a completely different perspective?

In this article, I am giving you my top tips for shifting into healing. And I know, because I have been there.

I don’t claim to know that this will heal you, or how bad it is. What I do know is that worrying, panic, arguing for your limitations… will keep you there.

Let yourself expand your thoughts, ask some new questions, and look at it in new ways… and perhaps you will learn more about it’s energetic and emotional roots, or receive your own intuitive messages to help yourself heal. I am giving you my own personal set of questions and technique I use with private clients and with myself.


Questions to ask yourself…

Or your higher self, your subconscious through journaling, God, Infinite Intelligence, angels, or through whatever method you prefer for receiving personal spiritual guidance:

  1. When did this experience begin? What else happened in my life around that same time? Move to a new location? New job? New relationship? Change in diet?
  2. Do I feel worse or better around certain people? Who? You can mentally “try on” scenarios and see how your body responds. Does it hurt you just to think about someone?
  3. What chakra or area of my body is this located in? Look into the work of Louise Hay or Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz for more guidance on how certain conditions can be interpreted emotionally.
  4. What does this physical pain prevent me from doing? Know that our body is intelligent and always trying to help us. Perhaps stopping us from attending an event we really didn’t want to go to by feeling unwell.
  5. Placing my hand where I am experiencing pain, what message does my body have for me?
  6. What is the lesson for me to learn from this experience?
  7. What would make me feel better if I could change one thing in my life right now? Get honest and truthful about your situations in life, what would make you feel better? Also mentally visualize this happening, and see how your body responds, did you physically start to feel any better?
  8. What do I know is healing for me, for sure? For example, I almost always feel better from a trip to an infrared heated room or hot springs.
  9. Is there any way that I asked for this? For example, you may have been asking for a “break” intending a vacation from work, however now have a literal break to heal (see my law of attraction article on how to avoid these types of oopsie manifestations).
  10. Who is my energy connected to, that I may be picking up this experience from? Is there anyone around you suffering a same condition that you empathize with? I suggest to look into cord cutting and shielding if this resonates with you.
  11. My personal transformational question, that applies specifically for healers: Is this related to healing or answers I will have for other people? What is it that I need to learn from this experience? Do some journaling or personal readings to see what comes up around this.

I know that not every question here will apply to everybody. However, keep diving deep here. I have more for you. If just one question resonates with an “ah-ha” clarity moment it is all worth it.


Is this your intuition speaking to you?

I want to remind you, that most of the time, a physical issue, is our spirit, trying to put the brakes on us because we are not listening to our intuition. So be sure to take a rest and really tune in to what your body may be trying to communicate as a form of intuition.


Empaths and clairsentient intuitives need to pay close attention to this message:

Have you ever heard the saying:

First God throws a pebble? Then a rock? Then a brick?

What this means is that if you are not listening to your intuition, it will get louder, and louder (as in physical symptoms), until you stop and listen!

As soon as I learned this, and started trusting my gut feelings, a new chapter of peace and success started in my life. We will cover this more in other articles.


Not understanding the deeper meaning of your pain? Intuition not communicating?

Often times, when we feel unwell, it is harder to take care of ourselves. We may forget simple self-care like drinking water. Or forget that certain vitamins or other remedies make us feel better.

That’s OK, use this time of the body literally slowing you down to tune-in and go deeper. To take stock and review.

An exercise I often use and teach is one of “inner locus” of control.

This means that you get your energy back into your own body and into the present moment. If the questions above were hard to focus on, then try these simple steps then read the questions again.

  1. If you can, take just 5 minutes. I know your life can be busy, but give me 5 minutes here.
  2. Climb into bed, covers over you.
  3. Mentally tell yourself that you are on vacation for 5 minutes. There is nothing else for you to do. You are safe. Just a 5-minute vacation just for you and your spirit.
  4. Close your eyes, and imagine all of your energy returning to you. Feel the covers. Feel your body. Imagine you were just plopped down into this human body and experiencing it for the first time. Feeling all the sensations.
  5. Open your eyes as if for the first time and witness the room around you. Take in the details. Like someone on vacation waking up in a foreign bed, taking stock of a new hotel room. Now repeat the questions above again from this present moment, in-your-body perspective.




If you have anxiety, and cannot connect to my inner intuition, these mantras help me bring me back to my inner locus of control and may be helpful for you:

“I am a spiritual being, living in a spiritual body, in a spiritual universe.”

“God is with me. God is with me. God is with me.


If you are feeling more centered from these exercises you may want to scroll up and try the numbered questions again. You will likely find you get clearer guidance.


It’s all energy, that’s the truth.

Here is the real reason I am writing this article for you.

I recently pulled a back muscle while moving a large storage container. It hurt to move, including walking or carrying a backpack a short distance to my office.

For two days I felt stuck! How do I heal it? Ice? Heat? Do I need to see a doctor? What else could it be? Stretching? How many essential oils and crystals can I put on it? Fear started to escalate!

It felt worse by day 3, and panic set in, imagining worst case scenarios. I stayed home from the office to keep laying down. I felt resistance. The articles I read online said that for most conditions that cause backache with symptoms like mine take 2-4 weeks to heal.

Then I remembered… IT IS ALL ENERGY.

Instead of a spine and muscles and ligaments, I imagined tiny buzzing atoms of energy.

From an energetic standpoint, what does this mean?

I am blocked. It’s just a block in my energy.

How do I heal it?

For the past week, I had synchronicity with over reading about different types of energy work, from new age spiritual energy work to tai chi. They all had a similar method.

When tuning in to read myself, I saw myself grounded and barefoot, standing up tall with my arms up to the sky, reconnecting my energy from the heavens into the earth. It was all eerily similar to the synchronicities I saw of energy work methods repeatedly in the previous week!

Why did I attract this?

And I remember that last week I felt a slight pain in my cat’s back, like he pulled a muscle or strained it. I asked in my mind to absorb it so he could feel better (I admit that was not the best method, I thought he is a little cat so it doesn’t matter and I did it without much thought behind it.) Ask yourself if there is anyway you attracted your own condition, asked for it, without realizing it. 

I literally asked for it.

After reviewing my back pain from an energy perspective and reading myself, I went outside barefoot for some energy work.

Yes, like a weirdo, standing barefoot under a tree of a retail parking lot, hands up to the sky and breathing. I envisioned that my back was just energy and visualized colors and free-flowing energy getting rid of the dense painful energy.

After that simple exercise, within about 10 minutes, I was 99% pain free in that area. All I am experiencing is some tension in the rest of my body that didn’t get the same focus!


A Different Perspective 

I know that you are not me, and every experience is different. In the moment it can feel so impossible to forget the physical world limitations, and see matters form a different perspective.

And the same visualization, the same mantra, the same energy healing, will not work every time even for the same condition. Why? Because energy is always in motion. It is always moving. Don’t be surprised if a visualization works one day, and reiki works the next!

By the way, a mentor of mine was a paraplegic that used imagery and colors as his method of healing and meeting him today walking normally, you would never guess it.

I overcame some of my own health issues using the methods above.

I sincerely hope this helps you get some perspective of mind over matter.

Imagining moving matter, going against the rules and logic of the physical 3D world, can have a lot of resistance.

Remember that the truth is, it is just energy.

Share in the comments how this helped, ask me more questions about this, or send this article to a friend to share a new perspective of the possibilities of energy healing!



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