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I Believe in Angels

Just last week, there was a new post from Doreen Virtue, with a big “WARNING” banner across one of her previous angel card decks.

Just as soon as the graphic posted by Doreen shocked me, this song about ANGELS (see video 👆) echoed throughout my condo! Wow! 🙏👼😱

A restaurant down the street had a live singer on the patio, that sang this song again tonight – which prompted me to make this post!

Usually I cannot hear the music from down the street, but now on two separate occasions, the “I believe in angels” chorus was heard clearly all the way into the back of my condo!

And oddly, the lyrics “I believe in angels” was very loud and clear, however I could barely hear the rest of the song after that.

This happened the first time when I saw Doreen’s post, and again tonight when I was questioning if I should post about this synchronicity!

Update: After I created this post, when questioning about posting more angel card readings online, this song came on again!!

I interpret this as a positive sign to be comforted, and to keep working with the angels!

On a related topic… a lot of people have asked my opinion of her change in spiritual beliefs; as I have most of her card decks and I am certified in almost every course she taught. Many people have expressed concern about this change for their own intuitive work, or continuing to use the cards for themselves or clients.

Here is my personal opinion about this transition:

💜 I do not, and have not ever 100% aligned with the beliefs of any single teacher or mentor of mine. This is a big wake up call to be true to ourselves, and our inner intuition, and continue to walk our own path.

If a client were to be unhappy with me using the cards (I seldom use cards in private readings anyways), it would just be an opportunity for teaching that we need to have our own relationship with our spiritual items and follow our heart and inner guidance – not the opinions of others.

💜 If her courses and card decks were not valuable in the first place, I would not have continued to take more courses and acquire more decks. I am very thankful for my experiences learning from her.

💜 If any cards had or every have a dark presence I wouldn’t be working with them. I have discarded decks by other authors plenty of times. (I mostly use angel cards for general social media readings, not private readings).

💜 Her decision to change does not have any effect on the direction of or how I perform readings.  No one has ever sought me out for spiritual services just because I am “Doreen Virtue Certified”, aside from adding to my personal bio of what I have studied in the past so you can get to know me better.

💜 Her courses opened a new door for me, and they held space to practice my abilities. Realm Reader, Clairvoyance Therapy, and Angel Intuitive, were a few of my favorite courses! I am so thankful I took them when I did!

💜 I am very clairvoyant and I trust that Doreen could see and feel lower vibrational spirits too. In my opinion I still do not see them around her card decks, meditations, or courses.

💜 Angel Therapy Meditations, is one of my favorite meditations that I have been listening to for longer than I can remember. I receive a different type of healing or message almost every time I listen to it, and my grandma does too!

I am so thankful that I had to the opportunity to learn from her. She held the space to explore and practice my abilities in a safe environment. She was like my spiritual kindergarten teacher.

In case you are reading this, thank you thank you thank you Doreen!

Sometime around 2013 I started hearing the message from my guides that it was time for new thought leaders to step up. And that it was OK for new teachers to teach the same old content in their new way. That even if they taught the same work, it would be in the voice of a different generation that would speak that language.

At the time, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, were a few of my favorite teachers and authors. Since then, Louise and Wayne have sadly crossed over, and Doreen has changed her path. As soon as these changes started to take place, I kept hearing loudly (intuitively) that it is time for new teachers to rise up!

We all go through seasons, and her season on this topic has likely passed.

I don’t know, or need to know her reasons, so I release her with gratitude for the experiences.

I do miss Doreen’s weekly or daily posts, but aside from that I no longer resonate with her new message.

Synchronicities like the song “I Believe in Angels” echoing loudly throughout my condo remind me to follow my own guidance and path.


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