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Energy Transformation Membership

I want to help you

Where are you stuck right now?

What needs to change?

Do you feel like your head is in the clouds about certain things?

Life never stops throwing us curve balls and challenges, however they are really here to help you evolve and make your life better. In a weird way, everything is here to serve us (a difficult pill to swallow, I know!).

Here is how I help…

Every month my spiritual healing tools are available to you (online).

I check in via email or from a form I send for you to complete.

You send me every area or issue of your life that’s currently feeling blocked, stuck, confused, or needing help.

You can unload if you choose to.

Or just write a simple list…


  • my job at ___ is having ___ problem
  • I don’t know why my partner ___ is acting like ____
  • I feel stuck with ___ in my life right now

What I do to help…

I tune in, read your energy, and the situations or topics you have sent me. I always follow my internal guidance on the best way to help. This is how my readings are performed too because…

Spiritual guidance is not and cannot be “regimented”, and I have found the best help for my clients is to trust the process. Spirit flows, and ego constricts.

I give you approximately 30 minutes of my time, to tune in, and provide whatever comes up as the best way I can help you.

One month may be a channeled angel message. Another a deep quantum energy healing with a few cards about the best direction to go. Another option may be an audio from me of a clairvoyant reading.

This is an all inclusive package of Angel Readings, Card Readings, Energy Work, and just about everything that you see mentioned on this website as services.

It will be a surprise continually, and always just what you need.

From now on, you will know…

  • You have a metaphysical friend that hears you and sees you on your path.
  • You get to clear the decks and acknowledge what is happening under the surface and in your life.
  • You are compassionately provided space for healing.
  • You have a focus of a message for the rest of the month, to blend into your real life. It takes time to process, integrate, and change.

I want to work with you. I want you to know you are not alone.

You also have your own intuitive guidance, we all do.

For some the value will be the simple act of checking in and being validated continually. it is so valuable and important to your growth of learning to understand your own intuition ands how it works.

I love you. And the process of growth, changing, transformation, and healing… it doesn’t usually happen instantly with the snap of the fingers. As I feel those of you out there needing more connection and support in an easy and open way, this is what I offer for you.

I am here for you. I am here for your growth.

Let’s change your energy, get answers, and continue to heal spiritually every single month.

What can you ask about?

The doors are open to release for guidance and healing anything that is weighing on you. This isn’t as much of a “psychic reading” as leaving it open to the universe/God to decide what will help.  Maybe seeking answers about a relationship now, leads to an energy clearing from a past relationship where you still experience hurt and is affecting the current one. Or asking about an unhappy job, leads to answers about personal wellness and raising your vibration so it doesn’t not affect you as much anymore.

Let go, and let’s go…

Memberships are now open for $55 per month.

If you would like more regular appointments I’ve added the additional packages of  bi-weekly and weekly.

Monthly membership includes:

  • Submitting list or unloading what needs support (web form or email).
  • E-mail reply within 3 days. May include reading, channeling, recorded audio, video, an invitation to a scheduled energy clearing (price included), card photos, recommended crystals for support, and so much more. There is no limit to what my spirit guides may guide me to do help to support you. It is totally in the flow.
  • Approximately 30 minutes of my time dedicated to providing spiritual support and spiritual healing for you.
  • Surprise personal card readings and other messages throughout the month.



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