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Reiki and Energy Healing

All energy healing sessions begin and end with prayers that I channel energy to help you heal and balance on all levels, for your highest and best well being.




Offerings and Benefits


✨ Reiki ✨

(chi, prana, life force, energy, etc)

    • Energy to help your body heal itself.
    • Energy will go where it is needed.
  • I ask for Reiki to help balance.

✨ Karuna Ki ✨

(also known as Compassion Reiki)

  • Deep emotional healing
  • Blocks and patterns

 ✨ Pet and Animal Reiki ✨

  • Same benefits as Reiki systems mentioned above.
  • Calm nervous pets
  • Help with pain
  • Help with symptoms from old age

✨ Quantum Clearing ✨

  • Clearing of difficult negative energies
  • Remove ghosts, entities, haunted buildings, etc.
  • May request to clear yourself, your home, office, etc. Only 1 person or location per booked session.
  • After clearing more positive energies and balance are restored.

✨ Crystal Reiki ✨

Ideal for more energy when you have been tired or fatigued.

Will feel buzzing and energy moving more intensely through the body (in person session).

Crystal grid energy sent via a distance for a specific reason or intuitively created.

Your crystals: send photos of your crystals and I will send them energy to work with you, so you can lay your own crystals on your own body, even over a distance. Or charge up a necklace pendant you wear daily.

 ✨ Trance Healing ✨

*distance sessions must be done by phone or skype so I can guide you into trance meditation with me.

  • Emotional healing, like a warm comforting blanket
  • May help with Grief
  • may experience visitations from your own spirit guides and loved ones
  • May receive your own intuitive messages

✨ Money Reiki and Empowerment ✨

I have re-channeled the money reiki system and will eventually be teaching to others. Money Reiki is most focused on the root chakra. You are attuned to the energy of money, and a new energy of money to help improve the money consciousness on the planet. This is not an energy of greed or ego, this is about healing the money consciousness for the positive use of money to help all, around the planet. It is about using Money for good and works on many levels of consciousness. You receive both the Money Empowerment and Money Reiki when you select this healing.

  • New sources of money or jobs may show up unexpectedly
  • Healing negative thought patterns around money
  • Note: a healing crisis can occur such as a money problems coming up after the healing so that it can be addressed and improved.

✨ Intuitive, Open-Ended ✨

I will scan and read your energy before beginning your energy treatment. I may use any energy healing modalities that I am guided to such as working with Angels, crystal grids, Reiki, clearing methods, and so on.

*** I typically combine traditional Reiki, Crystal Reiki, and Karuna Ki and use them intuitively for each client. This option is called “Reiki Energy Systems” when booking your session. 



Distance Energy Sessions

Individual Sessions last about 15 minutes however you may feel the energy working with you for a much longer period. This is usually all that is needed.

You can book multiple sessions if you would like multiple or longer more intense treatments.

All distance sessions are done in the evening when there are minimal distractions for both of us.

You may be asleep or fall asleep when it happens. Clients have given me great testimonials the next morning. I am frequently contacted and have the most significant feedback working on people during flu season or are fatigued or injured and pain is improved.

In-Person Sessions

* Currently I do not have a permanent location for my healing table. I can accommodate energy healing while in a chair in either downtown Nevada City, at your home, or location we both agree upon. Please contact me to arrange an in-person session.

** Please follow me on any of my social media profiles to keep in touch about upcoming events. I frequently allow booking in advance and my walk-in clients still work within a schedule.

My massage table is lined with crystal healing mats, additional crystals, tuning forks, essential oils (diffused not applied topically), and smudging of herbs may be included. Every session for every client is completely unique. I begin with a brief reading holding your hand to determine the best course for your session, then an opening prayer to help you heal and balance on all levels. I then follow my intuition and scan your energy to help heal and balance, guided by source (God) and may channel energy from any of the modalities I have been trained to work with. It is very similar to a reading, in the way that I channel what is needed and follow my intuition. You may also be asked if you would like to receive intuitive messages during your energy work. Most clients prefer to also hear messages while I work on them. This is unique as most reiki masters are taught not to share messages, however, because I am also experienced delivering messages I am comfortable including this. I do require a signature on an additional waiver for receiving intuitive messages.




About Me

I am certified and attuned to more energy healing systems that I can count. I am always studying and practicing new modalities. You can learn more here about my certifications and am also currently Insured as a bodywork practitioner. Read More About Me

How Energy Healing Works:

Everyone has a different experience with energy healing. I am the channel or middle-man. Similar to how I deliver messages. I set an intention for your healing, well being, balance and so on. I may set an intention for a specific type of energy. My hand chakras are open, and I can feel the energy moving in them. In person, people can feel the energy coming off my hands. I feel the different energy coming through my hands for each person.

You only receive energy healing to the degree that you allow your free will to receive it. I do not send energy to anyone without their consent. It is not something I send and force. It is something that flows to you, what you need to receive, and are open to receiving.

The more I do this the more I find that messages and healing work are like a vacuum, and the strength that comes through depends upon the other person’s free will to receive, or the amount of healing they need.

How open are you? The more you relax and trust, the more effect it will have.

Be sure to tell your higher self (and me), even if you say it in your mind) that I have your permission to connect with you and then relax.