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Sada Nam Kaur communicates directly with guardian angels, and other benevolent spirits. She receives clairvoyant visions, claircognizant thoughts, and clairsentient feelings via psychometry (holding your hand or objects).
From serious and complex business decisions to fun and light-hearted spiritual readings, you can trust Sada Nam to provide new accurate insights and a fresh perspective on life.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sada for a personal reading. She has an angelic glow and a passion for helping clients. My reading was awesome and I highly recommend her.

Bonnie T.

Still had my training wheels on trying to figure out all the energy and who I am at the core. Your presence, knowledge and guidance brought me along this path. I appreciate you very much and I wouldn't be who I am today without you.


Thank you.. you are a blessing and I wish everyone would get to experience what I did with you. You are truly a connection to the spirits of our babies. You are a healer.

Laurie D.

My reading was such a wonderful experience! To have such a sensitive, insightful, kind person assisting me with my life’s challenges was heaven-sent. Not only were the insights accurate, but I was also provided with step-by-step suggestions for resolving some of the issues that have been impacting my life. I whole-heartedly recommend a reading from Sada!

Ann E.

I tell people that you're gifted in reading all areas. I enjoy your positivity and the way you encourage us and I never feel judged when I talk to you. I love that you are authentic and that helps me feel comfortable around you in my own skin.

Lila J.