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Love Readings

Love Readings

One of my most popular readings, that clients return for again and again, is love readings!

I have a confident ability to tune into someone’s feelings and intentions for you.

If you’re not sure why your partner left, what someone’s intentions are, what’s really going on with their mind and emotions, or simply who to pick on a dating app… I am here to help you!

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Here’s what we can cover within 30 minutes:

❤  What is the current energy between 1-3 potential love interests?
I can read them by their first name and/or photo, some people have me read potential daters from social media and dating apps

❤  What steps do you need to take to attract more love? Often there are a few things in life that need to be completed before the relationship comes together.

❤  Who do I see as your most ideal partner? Occasionally I receive where, when, and specific details on how you meet.

** Because this is a psychic type of reading, once I tune into your energy, we can jump around to other topics and questions with time permitting. 

How I perform this type of reading:

I can tune into other people’s thoughts, emotions, and intentions, however, I do not pry into their personal life in any way that will incur bad karma, such as digging into their secrets. I do this by asking what you need to know for your highest and best good. You will receive honest and accurate answers (even if it is negative) adequate enough to help you know if you are on the right path or not with someone. The reading is all about helping you heal and make the best decisions. Basically, I ask my guides to give us the path for most success (staying clear of creating more drama or separation). 

Even though I feature oracle and tarot cards regularly on my social media, I rarely use them for private readings. I perform this type of reading by holding their digital image, first name, and possibly birthdate (if available) in my hand and connect via psychometry. I do not pay attention to how they look. Instead I connect to feel them and receive intuitive impressions.

Privacy: I often forget 90% of my readings because they are done from a channeling and meditation state. I delete all images after the reading and you have complete privacy (unless of course, you are in danger to yourself or others, this is covered in the terms and conditions).

I often help my friends and clients by holding my hand over a Facebook or dating app image of people they are interested in. It’s a lot of fun, and my clients are often gasping or laughing at the accuracy! I’ve also received validating feedback from past clients up to a year later, as the predictions and events unfolded. I have a lot of confidence in helping in this way (and it has saved me personally from dating a lot of the wrong people).


  1. Most love readings take about 30 minutes and are very fast.
  2. After completing your booking you may send me photos with first names if there are additional people you would like me to read.

Most Important!

If I don’t do this automatically, remind me to check in on “who is the highest and best partner for you?

I can often tune in on certain characteristics and general timelines. This one question can often bypass all the rest. Funny, spirit doesn’t often give details on how or where to meet, but we may be surprised!

As I am writing this, I did this question just the other day when asking about the prospects of two people to date. I saw neither, although they were wonderful people I didn’t see a match. Then I asked this more empowering question (read more about how I read here), and started to see someone else. When I shared this and specific details, the person I was reading for was surprised as this was another person of interest not mentioned to me!

I’ve also received validating feedback from past clients up to a year later, as the predictions and events unfolded. I have a lot of confidence in helping in this way (and this was one of the many repeat lessons that helped me develop my own intuition).

When booking your love reading through this site, you can choose from any length of time or format from the intuitive reading options.

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