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Life Purpose Reading and Coaching

Are you searching for your life purpose?

This 1-on-1 course, to summarize as briefly as I can… is about finding your personal authentic TRUTH of who you really are, with a real-life action plan to get PAID in the real world. That also feels aligned and RIGHT for you!


Most people are looking for a career with the wrong perspective, asking such questions as:
  • How can I make $—– per month?
  • Will I be respected by my partner or family?
  • What career will have long term growth?
Did just reading these questions feel a little stressful? 😵
My approach is completely different. We find your personal inner soulful truth first – and only THEN do we find a way to get paid it – in a way that is also aligned (meaning that the process to create a career comes easily to you too).
This is a process that starts from the beginning YOU – and goes all the way to the END – GETTING PAID!
Your truth is your strength!
When you are working from your place of truth, you are naturally motivated, inspired, the work feels easier. Why? Because you are already a natural at it and will have more confidence, more excitement, more passion, success will come easier.

By the way, everyone on this planet is psychic. And when you apply for the jobs or “sell” yourself in your new role, it will be even easier than you imagined! Because subconsciously they know your truth too!

At the same time, even most importantly, you will stop wasting energy on opportunities or ideas that you now know are not right for you. It is so valuable, to know when to say YES to life, and when to say NO.
This is about finding that knowing in your soul of who you are and where you really belong.

I am here to help you find the career option, that is so aligned with your truth, that there is n0 resistance to how you get paid, how you show up, how you express yourself, and what you offer. Because it is just YOU.

How did I create this course?
When I was in my late teens to mid-20’s I was such a mess and completely lost. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted.
I had about a dozen different careers during that time and nothing felt right. I was a lifeguard, swim coach, administrative assistant, worked in Parks and Rec, did telemarketing gigs, sales gigs, wrote contracts for commodities trades, a professional musician, event promotions manager, and so much more! I was typically working 2-3 jobs at a time just to survive.
I was also having massive anxiety, depression, and burning out.
I was working to survive and took any gig or job I was offered just to get by.
I started to wonder, what did I really want to do?
I dove deep into journaling and made a huge map for how to get paid for being me. (by the way, one of my natural abilities is analyzing data and analytics, which I applied to help find my career)
Something I could do for a really long time.
I created the primary strategy session that I still teach in this course today – back in 2005! It has truly stood the test of time and many clients!
When I did the strategy session for myself, that I now offer in this course for you – it unveiled something totally new.
Something not mentioned on job boards at the time. No one was hiring for it. Few had heard of it. I created a new job title for myself and went looking for my first client.
I knew it would help people, and anything that helps people is worthy of getting paid.
When I did this work, I also gained confidence in who I was.
Perhaps most importantly, I was able to cross off all the ideas weighing on me daily, finally knowing that they were not right for me and I didn’t need to waste any more time exploring them.
Once I found my answer, my truth, my purpose… my confidence was so high. I approached my first future client.
It wasn’t easy, to be honest, I was rejected multiple times.
However knowing my truth, there was no saying no!
Just 6 months later my business was leading my niche, I was overbooked with new clients, and continued to be even more and more successful!
That first client that first told me no – stayed with me until he retired. I won contests in my industry, bribed to work with companies, and tons of perks came my way.
I have made a few course corrections to change with the times and some other areas of life needing healing. However when it comes to the work – I’ve had a waiting list of clients and as more work than I could ever want since about 2007! Oh, and I never had to promote or sell myself in this area in all those years. It is all word of mouth and referrals.
This course is the same thing I will do for you! And more!
We begin with life purpose readings using numerology, astrology, and intuitive readings.
Reading someone’s purpose, their core energy of who they are comes through in almost any reading appointment with me (asked for or not). It is a part of my purpose to help you find yours!
We will then deep dive into about 20 thought-provoking questions all about you, with me holding your hand and offering additional intuitive insight the entire way.
Something magical happens from all of this work together.
When we review all of the readings and deep-dive questions a theme appears of our natural strengths. This is when you finally start to see and know yourself clearly.

What I have found is that most people do not see the natural strengths that they are worthy of being paid for.

These easy strengths are often taken for granted while overcoming challenges becomes their goals.

I will be the mirror to show you the truth of who you are and the strengths you already have.

Once you get clear on who you really are, and your natural strengths, we will dive into the logical side, things like getting paid, and specifically how you do this work in the real world.
By the way, as a bonus to finding your career, I’ve been a successful sales and marketing consultant for 14+ years working with a wide variety of clients and corporations. I know how to help you get hired, and how to monetize whatever it is that you do! Your session will close with real practical steps and a clear picture of the path ahead of you.
We do all of this together over a live webinar.
By the way, this is a method once learned, you can continue to use for life repeatedly to help you clarify decisions and take aligned and decisive action.

The result is finding a real aligned career path for you. t will just feel RIGHT.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this for? This course is for anyone that is actively working on changing career, deciding on a college path, get paid for their skills, too many options or ideas, working too many jobs, etc.
Who is this NOT for? If you are retired, looking for the meaning of life, or a vague spiritual life purpose. This course is about 50% intuition and 50% business.
Does this process ever not work? Only on a few occasions has this process not worked in the way it was intended, to create a simple career action plan, and for good reason. The outcome was that the client has the purpose of owning many businesses simultaneously. This is rare, but some people are so dynamic and ever-changing there is no singular focus for them. Which also in its own way provided peace of mind to people who then became more confident in their ability to be an entrepreneur juggling a lot of businesses and let go of the idea of fitting into the box of being just an employee.
Does this mean there is a set destiny and/or we don’t have free will or the law of attraction to choose what happens? I believe we each have a unique soul essence and natural abilities. Some people are naturally built to run faster than others. Some have an easier time with math. This is what I pick up on with intuitive readings and the deep dive questions. This soul essence usually does not change. We then can use our free will to decide who to work with, how to do the work, and continually manifest the best circumstances day-to-day for that to happen.

If this is calling to you, if you feel there is something here for you, sign up now. I do not plan to offer this as a 1-on-1 program for much longer, this will disappear at any time.

I am currently turning this method into a self-study course and depending on my availability may not include 1-on-1 support or intuitive readings.