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Intuitive Readings

I am a “Spirit Messenger” and can drop in on people, connect with people on the other side, listen to your angels, and more.

Many people use different names to describe this such as a medium, psychic, intuitive, channel, etc. I am comfortable with working on all of these levels and described them in more detail below.

My reading style is a mix of psychic intuition with positive results coaching.

I may change my tagline to just “Psychic Coach” someday. It’s not enough for me to just answer a simple question, I also desire to help you move forward with confidence.

In your session, I may help you ask powerful questions such as:

  • What is causing this?
  • What’s the next step?
  • What’s the highest and best option available?
  • How can this circumstance be improved?

You will leave a reading feeling empowered to make positive change.

Don’t know what to ask? 

Many of my clients sit down and receive messages simply by being open to it.

I am a real psychic and begin your reading without additional tools such as tarot cards (however I do use them occasionally, more so online or in distance readings for visual appeal). I ask your Angels what you need to know today, and I usually receive a basic outline of what’s happening or why you’re seeing me before you ask specific questions.

I pray over you that you receive the answers you need to help you move forward in your life at this time. That may come through as an of the modalities I am trained in… it may be sorting through a court case, animal communication, mediumship… I’m trained in many types of spirit communication (this list is long), and the bottom line is that I ask that you receive answers and guidance that helps you.

Although I do many types of readings, my favorite is helping you identify and move forward with your Life’s Purpose (who you really are, and what you are called to bring).

How my readings work:

I pray over your with intention. I ask for your highest and best well being and all other connected with you. That you receive accurate and positive answers that help your life move forward. I share my answers. Every single reading experience is completely different as I simply channel answers based upon what you need to know for your highest and best good.

The more specific the question, the more specific the answer.

My readings work based upon an intention and opening prayers, that ask to provide positive accurate answers that help you move forward in life.

When you start to ask more empowering and positive questions, we receive better answers. One of the things I do in a reading suggests new ways to ask questions or reframe how you are asking for answers. Just the process of learning to ask better questions to God / the universe can open amazing doors and synchronicities.

In some ways, I work as a Life Coach, as my main priority is to provide readings that help you have a more positive future.

I respect your free will and the free will of others. I will frequently ask you if it is OK if I as specific questions on your behalf to help you receive clearer answers in your reading.

For example, you may ask if I can break down your desire into many smaller questions about each date, person, location, company, etc. Or ask if I can ask a big broad question such as “who is your highest and best romantic partner?”

Learn more about my process in What to Expect


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What Can You Ask?

If this is your first time having a reading, I have provided examples below on common questions other clients ask.

  • You do not have to ask anything specific at all, at a reading just be open to the process and ask what you need to know today.
  • Why is in my family acting this way towards me?
  • Why is my kid acting like this? What can I do to help?
  • Why is my friend not talking to me?
  • How can I have a better relationship with my co-worker?

Bring digital photos of people on dating apps, social media, etc. that you want to look into the energy connection with.  I don’t actually look at their photos, I place my hand over the photo on your phone to make a psychic connection. If you email me the photo the same applies.

  • How does this person feel about me?
  • Will this connection change / improve?
  • What can you do to improve this situation?
  • What do you need to know for your highest and best good about this person?
  • Who is your highest and best romantic partner?

Bring names of companies you work with or planning to work with. You can also bring names of work associates. I will help explain the emotional dynamics in the office that may be confusing.

  • What is the outcome if I take job A? job B? job C?
  • Will company C hire me?
  • How does my boss feel about me?
  • How can I have a better relationship with my coworker?
  • Will my position advance at this company?
  • What is my outcome of staying with this company?
  • What is my highest and best career or Life Purpose?

Bring specific addresses or photos for the best results about the places you are considering.

  • What is the outcome of moving to the house at this address?
  • When will we sign the lease?
  • What will the price be? (approx).
  • What is the best area of town?
  • Where is the highest and best place to move to?

I help with court cases. Bring the exact date of the court case, names of parties and lawyers involved. I hold each “target” in my hand and explain what I am getting on them. This is all about having the best outcome for all concerned. And it is healing to have peace of mind and know as much as you can. So I do consider this healing work.

  • What will happen on the date___? (I cannot see outcomes however I can see the emotions afterward, for example, I see the next day you are relaxed and peaceful so we can deduct this is a good outcome for you).
  • What is the highest and best thing I need to know right now?

I scan your body energy from head to toes. I am not a medical doctor, do not prescribe, treat, or diagnose specifically as legally I am not allowed to. I will, however, bring up areas of the body to check with your doctor or validate what you already know. Frequently food sensitivities, living conditions, relationships, emotions, and other complementary solutions are provided.

  • Often you can just ask for a medical intuitive reading
  • I will ask for your permission to scan your energy if I feel it is helpful.

If you want to know what spirit messengers such as angels are around you, supporting you. You can simply ask who is there, or ask for a reading from one specifically you have a connection with.

  • How does my pet feel about me?
  • What can I do to make my pet happier?
  • What is my strongest method of intuition and what natural abilities do I have?
  • What do I need to learn to strengthen them?
  • How can I shield my energy at work?
  • How can I feel better living in this house?
  • What tools can I use to feel better?
  • How do I clear myself?

All readings come with options to submit pictures at the time of booking. If you are familiar with any of these reading styles you can submit a picture of your:

  • coffee cup grounds
  • tea leaves
  • spell candle after it completed burning

There is an endless amount of questions you can ask for your personal peace of mind, improved positive outcomes, spiritual and emotional healing, these are just a few examples to help you prepare for a reading.

Please see the FAQ and What to Expect for more information.


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Ways I Receive Information / My Definitions of Words I Use

Spirit Messenger – my personal description of myself from my spirit guides, that I can communicate with the consciousness and intelligence of objects, crystals, people, pets, people on the other side, angels, spirit guides, etc.

Psychic – viewing or receiving specific detailed information about the physical world, such as people who are currently alive, homes, companies, objects, etc. I am very confident on picking up the emotions of others this way.

Intuitive – this is a vague word that many people use when they get some “feelings” that are more subtle than a psychic.

Channeling – receiving messages from guardian angels, ascended masters, and higher dimensional beings. You may request to contact a specific one or let me ask who is there to work with you.

Mediumship – contacting loved ones that were previously human or a pet and have transitioned. For these types of readings please let me know in advance, and bringing objects or photos of the loved one is extremely helpful. Please understand that I cannot quickly jump around from mediumship to psychic or angel readings. If you request mediumship for your session that is the only type of reading I can provide during your scheduled time.

Crystal Readings – any type of readings involving crystals. Read your personal crystals and how they help you. Share what crystals may work best for you and how and where to use them, etc.

Life Purpose – by default, one of the things I tell 90% of my clients is what type of career their energy is a match for. I read the soul colors (which may spontaneously include your elemental realm or past lives) at the beginning of every appointment. I usually get the sense of a healer, an artist, an intellectual, etc. and get impressions of WHO YOU ARE on a very deep level. This type of reading can be very validating, if you have been ignoring your own inner intuition.  This is not always about having a super specific career, however, It is always easier to work in alignment WITH who you are, than against it. If you schedule a Life Purpose Coaching package, this is further detailed into how to find the right paid career that is aligned with your true self.

Life Coach – A focus on personal development and motivation, improving an action plan, strategy, or habits for a better future. Life coaching is all about making a plan to move forward in life. I don’t offer “coaching” exclusively, however I mention it because most of my readings involve elements of it. We are creators, have more options available to us than we often realize, and in most cases have the personal power to improve our circumstances. I typically including coaching style questions mixed into all intuitive readings, to help also provide guidance for the best outcomes. I find that ONLY getting an intuitive reading can be too passive. It can be easy to end up in a victim energy, only receiving and reading into what is happening out of fear and worry. We get what we ask for. Asking empowering coaching style questions is essential to not only receiving better intuitive answers, they are answers that will also help create better outcomes. It is my intention and prayer than all clients who see me leave feeling empowered.

Basically, EVERYTHING has consciousness and intelligence. – Sada Nam


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