How We Connect

Please pick the one that you are most comfortable using when Booking Your Session.

  • Phone Call: The best option for longer readings, covering multiple topics, or mediumship readings.
  • Text message: My new text messaging number is encrypted for your increased privacy, and also accepts picture messages.
  • Facebook Messenger: You can connect with my Facebook page for your messenger reading! I find Facebook to be unreliable for live calls, so I only suggest this as a text messenger reading option.
  • Skype Messenger/Call/Video: Skype is free and the best option for international readings. I only suggest using this option if you already use Skype and are very familiar with it. The first time using it, it can take some time to get used to the options and controls.
  • NEW Webinar Video Chat: I will be live on video with you, for your longer reading and healing sessions. It is up to you if you want to turn on your video or not. It does improve the energetic connection of meeting for meeting over a distance, just like we were face to face! I always use this for Life Purpose coaching, so we can work on the course content together.
  • NEW Website Messenger: Yes you can have a messenger reading right through the chat widget on this site! (This is the big purple button at the bottom of this page.)

All contact details and instructions for the options below are provided immediately after booking your session.

Prayer Requests: If you would like to send a prayer request (always free), please email them to If you connect with Spirit Guides Me on Facebook or Instagram, you are welcome to tag me on public posts with your requests. Please do not send prayer requests to any of my messenger or texting options as this is an interruption to my focus during the day. 

How to Pay

In-Person Readings: You will be asked for payment after your reading session. You may make payments via cash, check, credit card, or PayPal.

Distance Readings (Skype, Phone): You will be asked to make payment before your reading session. You may pay by PayPal, which accepts major credit cards.

You can use this link to send a tip via PayPal after your reading if you would like to do so.

Payment Methods

  • Cash or Check (in person)

  • Credit Card

  • Paypal

  • Energy Exchange: I often accept vegan food, healing tools, crystals, and other gifts in exchange however this typically only applies to events when clients see me in person.


If you miss your appointment time you will receive a 50% refund.

If I miss your appointment you receive a full refund.

If I cannot make a valid connection related to your desired main question you may request a full refund after your appointment (to date this has never happened).

I reserve the right to refuse service and may refund you for any reason.

Rescheduling and Cancellations

If you need to reschedule please contact me asap or reschedule, or check your booking emails for rescheduling options, so you do not hold the space for another client.

If you miss your appointment time with no reschedule or prior cancellation you will receive a 50% refund.

How Many Questions Can You Ask?

We will cover as many topics and questions as we can fit into your designated time. Spirit talks very fast and so do I. For examples of questions to ask see the list on the Intuitive Readings page.

If you would like a mediumship reading, that is the only type of reading we can cover in one session, and it must be a live phone or video session with at least 30 minutes in time. We can connect with multiple people during your session, however, I cannot quickly jump over to other types of psychic readings like dating, your career, etc.  Please plan to book any mediumship requests as their own separate appointment.

For energy healing appointments, only plan to relax and receive energy healing at that time (no psychic questions please).

Recording the Session

During appointments, you are welcome to record the session. You are welcome to record my phone calls. Most smartphones now have a voice recorder that works very well. If you are unable to record I will take pictures of my handwritten notes and any cards pulled, and email you pictures after the session.

What Questions Are Not Allowed?

Gambling, death-related questions, focus on negative outcomes.

Prying too deeply into others’ personal lives with negative intentions is a no, no. Negative questions, negative focus, in general, will bring about negative results. It isn’t enough to just be accurate, I strive to be accurate AND help bring about positive outcomes and solutions. So I may frequently help you re-phrase questions to get better answers.

Although or our session is otherwise private, if you are at risk to harm yourself or others it is my responsibility to report you to proper authorities.

I reserve the right to refuse service.

How to Prepare For a Reading

For the most accurate readings please provide any of the following. These are not required however they help me “tune-in” to that person, item, animal or event. See what to expect for more specific details.

  • Full birth date including the year.

  • Physical or digital photographs.

  • The accurate spelling of original first name and nicknames.

  • Meet in-person to hold hands for the strongest heart connection.

  • Contact details in your smartphone (I will not look however will place my hand over their contact card when in person)

  • A personally worn item (jewelry, shoe, glasses, clothing, pet collar, etc.) *very helpful for mediumship

How to Prepare For Reiki and Energy Work

If you are attending an in-person energy healing session:

  • You may choose to dress comfortably, so you can fully relax. Also removing shoes is requested.
  • I have a standard massage table, lined with crystal healing mats underneath. You will be instructed to lie down, fully clothed, under blankets, and your eyes will be gently covered with a crystal healing mat.
  • Please wear clothes that are clean and do not smell of smoking or chemical fragrances. The crystal mats beneath the bed absorb toxins and may continue to smell for myself and future clients.
  • The massage table and blankets although cleaned regularly, are frequently exposed to animals such as cats and dogs, essential oils, and incense. If you have allergies to these items it is recommended not to use this bed.
  • You may receive energy work sitting in a chair, however, it is much more powerful when fully relaxed on the crystal massage table.
  • You may arrive early, the consent forms and waivers before energy work take about 5 minutes to complete.

If you are attending a distance energy healing session:

  • Plan a time and location when you will be completely undisturbed, can turn down the lights and relax.
  • You may want to light a candle, smudge your space, or any other ritual you perform to help yourself relax.
  • You can sit or lie down in any way you choose.
  • Prepare to connect to chat briefly in any method you chose during booking (text, phone call, etc.)
  • Our messaging (text, phone call, etc.) will be mostly silent. We connect so I can confirm when your session is starting and ending. If guided I may provide guided meditation instructions, share specific details I pick up on while sending you energy, you can share your experiences as you receive them, and so on.
  • Plan to close your eyes during the session. Your only job is to breathe. I will hang up the call or end the session if you fall asleep.
  • I will send you any details about your session via email or whatever contact method we used, such as photos of crystals, crystal grids, or key messages that came through for you.

How I Receive Answers

I work with over 40 oracle and tarot decks, numerology, automatic writing, verbal channeling, clairvoyant visions, claircognizant thoughts, clairsentient feelings, and psychometry/telemetry from touching (I frequently touch the digital photos, objects, handwritten names, etc. to help me focus).

As I communicate directly with my Angels for guidance they lead me to the best form of intuitive guidance for you. Please see the about page to learn more.

What You Receive After the Session

For distance sessions, this varies depending upon the contact method and type of session you booked. See the current options for booking at Book a Session for details. I always provide as much as possible such as digital photos of tarot cards, photos of my handwritten notes, etc.

With in-person readings, you may record the session on your phone voice recorder, and I will give you my handwritten notes to keep.


All readings are 100% confidential and a waiver is signed at the time of your reading ensuring for both of our confidentiality so that we can speak candidly. Unless you are in danger to yourself or others then you will be reported to the proper authorities.

I have improved computer privacy options for your convenience:

  • Encrypted email (always on my end)
  • Encrypted telephone line and text (always on my end)
  • VPN in use over the internet connection (always on my end)

Visit the Contact Page to ask me a specific question about anything regarding my services before booking.