How to Pay

In Person Readings: You will be asked for payment after your reading session. You may make payments via cash, check, credit card, or PayPal.

Distance Readings (Skype, Phone): You will be asked to make payment before your reading session. You may pay by PayPal, which accepts major credit cards.

Payment Methods

  • Cash or Check (in person)

  • Credit Card

  • Paypal

  • Digital Gift Card (for privacy)

  • Time exchanges: trading professional services, etc.


If you miss your appointment time you will receive a 50% refund.

If I miss your appointment for any reason you receive a full refund.

If I cannot make a valid connection related to your desired main question you may request a full refund after your appointment (to date this has never happened).

I reserve the right to refuse service and may refund you for any reason.

Rescheduling and Cancellations

You must reschedule more than 2 hrs before your appointment.

If you miss your appointment time you will receive a 50% refund.

Cancellations requesting full refunds must be requested more than 24 hours in advance.

How Many Questions Can I Ask?

We will cover as many topics and questions as we can fit into your designated time. Spirit talks very fast and so do I.

Recording the Session

During appointments, you are welcome to record the session. Most smartphones now have a voice recorder that works very well. If you are unable to record I will take pictures of my handwritten notes and any cards pulled, and email you pictures after the session.

What Questions Are Not Allowed?

Gambling, Life & Death (about someone else), and prying too deeply into others personal lives.
I ask questions about what you need to know for your highest and best options in life, such as happiness, health, and wealth 🙂
For example, asking if your partner is cheating, I will ask what you need to know for your best outcome for you. I may be able to validate either way, however, may not be specific about what your partner is doing. Why? It violates their free will and can have impacts of negative karma for you and I. Diving into worry, negativity, and others private lives never has a good outcome. For example, I might mention that I see a better partner for you when you will meet, and what they will look like. I’ve done this long enough to receive follow-ups from past clients that I have been accurate… while still taking the high road and not violating the privacy of others.

How to Prepare For a Reading

For the most accurate readings please provide any of the following. These are not required however they help me “tune-in” to that person, item, animal or event.

  • Full birthdate including year.

  • Physical or digital photographs.

  • The accurate spelling of original first name and nicknames.

  • Meet in-person to hold hands for the strongest heart connection.

  • Contact details in your smartphone (I will not look however will place my hand over their contact card when in person)

  • A personally worn item (jewelry, shoe, glasses, clothing, pet collar, etc.) *very helpful for mediumship

How to Prepare For Reiki and Energy Work

You may choose to dress comfortably, so you can fully relax. Also removing of shoes are requested.

I have a standard massage table, lined with crystal healing mats underneath. You will be instructed to lie down, fully clothed, under blankets, and your eyes will be gently covered with a crystal healing mat.

Please wear clean clothes that have not been work while smoking or with chemical fragrances. The crystal mats beneath the bed absorb toxins and may smell for other clients.

The massage table and blankets although cleaned regularly, are frequently exposed to animals such as cats and dogs, essential oils, and incense. If you have allergies to these items it is recommended not to use this bed.

You may receive energy work sitting in a chair, however, it is much more powerful when fully relaxed on the crystal massage table.

You may arrive early, the consent forms and waivers before energy work take about 5 minutes to complete.

How I Receive Answers

I work with over 40 oracle and tarot decks, automatic writing, verbal channeling, clairvoyant visions, claircognizant thoughts, and clairsentient feelings when holding hands or objects.

As I communicate directly with my Angels for guidance they lead me to the best form of intuitive guidance for you. Please see the about page to learn more.

What You Receive

After your reading, you will be sent via e-mail all automatic writing notes and pictures of oracle or tarot cards from your session if you had a session over the phone or skype. You may also record our session with the Voice Recorder on your phone. With in-person readings, you may record the session, and I will often give you my handwritten notes.


All readings are 100% confidential and a waiver is signed at the time of your reading ensuring for both of our confidentiality so that we can speak candidly unless you are in danger to yourself or others then you will be reported to the proper authorities.