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Dragon Energy Healing

This dragonic energy is already contained within yourselves. It is not heavy it is etheric. It is clearing transpersonal deities and relationships with your alternate selves. So that you learn there is no separation from self (false reality perceptions). We are the energy of yourself. Of transformation. Of completeness. To re-align with your true self. When you are lost and separated, closed off, afraid, missing… we help reunite all aspects of your being as we are guided to. Nothing is every truly lost however we help you find yourself again to help provide:

🐉 New Miracles 🐉 New Beginnings 🐉 Manifestations 🐉 More Connection With The Real You 🐉 Creativity 🐉 Growth 🐉 Compassion and Accepting Lessons 🐉 Emotional Clearing 🐉 Deepen and Ground Manifestations (all levels) 🐉 Growth From Competition or Ego Manipulation 🐉 Heightened Awareness 🐉 Empowered to Say No (better boundaries and self protection) 🐉 New Paths, Roads, Chances

~ Channeled by Sada Nam Kaur


How did this begin?

I had a vision of a happy green dragon while asking (in a psychic way) about something I was working on in my life. I then searched for a teacher and was attuned to Dragon Sekhem energy healing. After the healing and working on myself with the energy repeatedly I channeled the text above to learn more about the specific benefits for myself and clients. I googled more energy healers that work with dragons and found almost identical information about their energy, also a symbol I saw during one of my self-treatments. I also conversed with my mentor, and he told me that a powerful healing word he uses (and has used for decades) is believed to work with dragons, and there have been messages about the dragons returning to work with us. I’ve also had other synchronicities since then to confirm the benefits of this healing energy.

Ready to experience dragon energy?

This is one of the strongest energy healing systems I have encountered that can be felt physically. In addition, if they are meant to be a part of your service they will show up for me during the session and I will let you know.

If you are meeting me for an in-person energy healing or psychic session, please ask if you’d like a few minutes to sample dragon energy to sense it for yourself.




2 Responses
  • Michelle McKenzie
    01 . 24 . 2020

    I love this! Thank you!

  • Jon Nolda
    03 . 19 . 2020

    Hello, this article is just great!
    I found a miraculous solution for me and my family, it will help you too:
    I wish you a lot of positive energy! 🙂

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