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Feeling Stuck? Here’s How to Change It!

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Are you are feeling any of the energies of:

  • not able to start a project or finish one
  • lack of motivation
  • feeling bad vibes or empath issues slowing you down

Or any combination of the above?

If you are experiencing these issues, what I am about to share with you will help you step over it, into movement and speed, and lighten the energy of the overall situation.

First things first, let’s pick just ONE thing to focus on as you read this post (so you can do the exercises along with me).

It can be about a project, a person, or an action you need or want to take.

Have you picked something to focus on as you read this? Great, let’s continue together…


Here is the real reason you are stuck:

You are stuck because you have a negative feeling associated with doing it.

I want you to dig deep, journal, and vent if you have to, to figure out what you really don’t like about doing this one thing. It could be literally anything! Just be completely honest with yourself.

Please identify what does not feel good about doing this thing before we move on, so you can get some clarity first.

For example:

  • If I do this one thing, then I cannot finish something else
  • If I do this one thing, then someone will be unhappy with me
  • If I do this one thing, then I won’t feel good because…
  • If I do this one thing, then I will have to be around a negative person
  • If I do this one thing, I don’t like something about the environment I am in (why, what about it?)

And so on…

Be specific to figure out why you have a negative emotion associated with doing this one thing.

When we have a goal and also a negative feeling or outcome attached, it will feel very hard to do!

I want you to find an ah-ha moment like this:

A part of me is not happy about doing this “one thing” because I expect  ____ will happen too, and I don’t like how that feels.

Sometimes this is all you need!

Understanding why you have a negative feeling can help break apart the problem into small ones, and just knowing why you are stuck may loosen up the energy to get it moving again.

Are there any practical actions you can take to help clear up any any of the reasons you just found?

If the thing causing a negative emotion can be cleared up in a practical way, then do that first.

For example:

  • If I am stuck on my work and have a negative emotion about sitting at my cluttered desk – I stop to clean it first.
  • If I am stuck on my work and I don’t want to do it because my mind is overwhelmed – I create a big to-do list of everything on my mind to clear it.

Take care of the practical things like this and see if you feel better.

By the way, some of these things might seem trivial and that’s ok. They still matter!

If you are on this website reading this, there’s a high chance you are a sensitive and spiritual empath. And if so, something trivial like a cluttered desk can create a cluttered mind – and keep you feeling stuck. Sometimes a solution as simple as a little cleaning might be the solution you need.

If it is not something that can be solved in a practical way like this, or you tried and still feel stuck, then please continue!

Also – please take note that some things that feel stuck, are more layered to figure out, and will be like an onion to unravel. Be patient with yourself, and know that any small progress is a step in the right direction!

Here’s the ultimate answer to getting unstuck:

People are more motivated when expecting a positive emotion, and resistant when expecting a negative one.

And the good news is that this is just an “expectation” and it can be changed! I am going to show you how to do it!

To get unstuck around this “one thing” I asked you to identify in the beginning, you have to associate with that “one thing” a positive feeling emotion.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Visualize the end result of the one stuck thing now being 100% done and accomplished.
  2. What will feel good about it being done? What can you be grateful for? Even if there are some bad feelings mixed in there – there are probably some good feelings somewhere in there too! Please dig until you find a few positives! Here are a few ways to look at this:
    1. It will feel so good when my house is clean, it will be easier to meditate, focus, be productive, and my emotions will feel better. I love having a clean house!
    2. It will feel so good to have this project totally done today. I will really be able to relax when I watch Netflix tonight. I will have a better night if I get this done today.
    3. The work I am doing is helping me be able to afford the courses I take to explore my real passions! I am so thankful for this work project that is supporting me financially to do this!
    4. I love doing this work, I will love seeing it finished. Who cares what others think and their expectations? I am going to do this just for me!
    5. The work I am doing is going to help people! When I focus on how it will help others I feel better about it!
  3. Find one or two positive reasons to get to the end goal, and really focus on your visualization and thoughts about them until you start to genuinely feel better. Yes, ignore the others! Keep your thoughts focused on the good things and hold onto them!

You have to convince your brain and emotions that doing this thing (you are stuck on) will make you feel good!

Please try this now. Stop reading and give yourself a few minutes to CLOSE YOUR EYES and focus on visualizing the 3 steps above.

Now, if you did these steps to focus on the positive rewards of the outcome – you may already be feeling inspired to get up and finish that very thing right now… if so, get up and go do it!

Another way to look at this is what I call “Fear Planning” vs. “Joy Planning”

Are you trying to motivate yourself because you “should” do it, worrying about what will happen if you don’t do it, or because of what other people will think if you don’t accomplish this thing?

I call this “fear planning.”

Which is making goals and decisions based on a reaction of fear that something bad may happen.

This leads to stress, fatigue, low energy, unhappiness, procrastination, and so much more.

Try changing your outlook to “joy planning”.

What is one thing that would make your life feel better if it was done? How will you enjoy life even more than before by getting it accomplished?

You can do the exact same thing yet feel completely different while doing it, and naturally motivated by simply changing your perspective first.

For more about joy planning, I recommend reading the post How to Find Joy.

By the way, this practice of visualizing and feeling the positives… just brings more positives!

I find the issue is resolved faster, time flies by, synchronicities or even miracles happen to help me,  I have more intuition on how to do it, and so on.

This practice will really pick up the speed around things you are stuck on, and life will just start to feel better.

What about trusting intuition?

When I do intuitive readings I am frequently asked if someone should quit their job/partner/move, etc. because of some bad vibes going on or feeling stuck, fearing their intuition is giving them a warning sign!

Here is how to tell if you are experiencing true intuition or not, using the example of driving a car (please relate this example to any scenario you are currently in):

  1. Intuition: You take your usual route home from work and turn down the same street that you drive on every single day – yet this time you get an unusually bad feeling or anxiety that is not normal.
  2. Intuition that’s been happening for a while: You had more anxiety when driving ever since you purchased a new car 2 months ago, and you didn’t use to have that anxiety when you drive, or when you sometime drive a different car. (I’d definitely get that new car checked out by a few mechanics!)
  3. Probably not intuition: You have mild anxiety every time you drive a car, in any car, in any city, ever since you started driving. You were in a car accident as a child, and your nervous system is still having a reaction of anxiety every time you drive today.

Intuition will usually a temporary thought or feeling and will match a sudden change in circumstances. While feeling stuck will be more persistent.

Just because you are stuck or have bad vibes does not mean this is your intuition warning you to change direction entirely.

In of the first steps above I asked you to break down WHY you had a negative expectation or feeling about the “one thing” keeping you stuck.

This was intentional to help you find the source of the negative emotion, so you can identify how to heal it, and possibly separate it from the “one thing” you feel stuck about accomplishing. Because that “one thing” you are stuck on, may have another reason entirely which is about money, timing, location, negative people, or something else.

Also because intuition and feelings can get complicated. It’s not always as black and white as it may seem at first.

Most likely, the source of feeling stuck is from negative expectations based on past experiences, and not true intuition. Deep down those fears are trying to protect you by reminding you of negative feelings from a time when a similar scenario happened before. In this case shadow work or subconscious clearing methods may also be beneficial for you too.


I sincerely hope this post has given you new action steps to change your energy when you’re feeling stuck!

Please comment if this helped you today!


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