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Empath Blog: Feelings about work

Last Sunday night, after sharing a healing meditation with a friend anxiety came over me. It was a feeling I had not felt in a LONG time. A worry, fear, panic. Usually, I have this feeling around money or work.

By the way, I usually check-in on my other business on Sunday nights to see if there is anything I can tidy up before Monday morning, as people I work with are on the East Coast and start at 6 am my time and I will not be online to communicate with them.

This night I decided to stay peaceful after meditation and ignore it. I tried to clear it, it wasn’t easy but I did and went to sleep.

It turned out that my business website hosting was not on auto-renew for the billing, and my website had turned itself off on Sunday, with many unhappy customers waiting for me Monday morning.

If I had trusted that anxiety *just a little bit* and double checked my accounts, emails, and messengers, I would have saved myself a lot of stress!

I had multiple messages (4 different platforms) about the website being down, however, I was trying to force being peaceful and ignore it on a Sunday evening.

The lesson…

Empath sensitivity is here to help us.

Even I forget sometimes to trust how I feel.

When the ego monkey mind is running in circles and lying to you, that is something entirely different. It will sound like impulsive and irrational thoughts and fears in the brain. I find it usually comes from the frontal lobe (front of the brain) area. True intuition is usually a still, small voice, in the back of the head or the crown, a knowing, peaceful in nature, helpful, supportive, or a feeling.

How we feel, unless otherwise compromised by addiction or substances, is a very accurate barometer to know what is happening around us.

Empath intuition can be kind of muddy, and hard to understand. It is “just a feeling” although an accurate one. It can take further action, faith, and further intuitive insight to find out specifically what is causing it.

I’ll be posting more of these stories so you can learn from my experience to trust your feelings, intuition, and empathic abilities.




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