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Coffee and Empaths ☕️

Empaths are extra sensitive, which means that extra attention must be paid to the energy effects of even small things, such as a daily cup of coffee. ☕️ 


Coffee is just an example, of the simple daily “normal” things you may want to reconsider to improve your overall energy.


Here are a few things I personally experienced when I was a daily coffee addict:

  • My endurance at the gym was not as strong.
  • I often felt more stressed, fearful, panicked, and worried.
  • Some days it helped me wake up, some days it made me more tired and foggy.
  • If I was already getting sick, I felt even worse if I drank it.
  • I had many signs to give up coffee but I didn’t listen.


After excluding coffee completely I quickly felt:

  • More centered in my body.
  • Intuition is sharper.
  • My energy feels softer and calmer.
  • Still able to focus at work.
  • Overall healthier!


Quitting coffee felt like a positive energy-momentum in a better direction.

I didn’t notice the changes until I stopped drinking it for days on end.

For me personally, after a review of the overall effect, I finally decided that coffee is not a win-win. I may still consume it in a rare middle of the night emergency.

I now daily drink Dandy Blend, decaf, or herbal tea. It satisfies the desire for a hot drink in the morning, and I feel better!

While this may only be a slight improvement, it helps tip the scales of having better feeling days overall.

There may be obvious things that we know are bad for us, however, have you considered some of the smaller things? Making these small changes can create a domino effect, as you feel better from one small change, you desire to make another, and another, to continue to feel better!


How we are feeling from one thing, affects everything!


And with being an empath, with so many strong feelings that it can get overwhelming, anything that helps improve overall emotional energy in even a small way is beneficial!

I look at empath sensitivity as a true blessing in disguise. It is like an inner lie-detector.

Because of my empath sensitivities, I started paying attention and avoiding many types of “normal” types of things very early on, including people with bad vibes, food that caused negative feelings, and so on.

I am so happy I started to listen when I did. When intuition is clear, and these signs are listened to, life really does get better! However, we have to listen and take action to change it!


Empath energy is really INTUITION, and it is here to protect us. 


When you become aware of daily habits and effects on your personal energy and make changes to improve them,  you will begin feeling healthier, happier, and more in control of your own energy.

As you get clearer, then the other empath vibes you feel get easier to decipher too. This means you will have less emotional overwhelm, and more precision with your intuition.


Reflect on your own daily habits

You may want to ask yourself:

  • Do you have any “normal” habits that might not be a win-win for you that might be subtly affecting your energy during the day?
  • Have you had any signs or intuitive messages to make a lifestyle change?
  • What is one small step in a healthier direction you can take?

Let me know in the comments what small or normal things you may be reconsidering thanks to your heightened awareness from being an empath!


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