As you can see by reading my certificates, studying spiritual practices are a lot more than a “career” for me, it’s my passion.

Sometime in 1995 (age 15) I stumbled on accident into my first spiritual bookstore and I have been on this journey ever since.

I take at least one course per month and read at least a few books.

I’ve invested thousands of hours of study and performed free readings daily for at least a year before accepting paying clients.

I’ve also studied in many informal ways, with shamans, amazing personal psychic mentors (newsworthy for finding lost objects around the world), and just having fun experimenting with my friends. This is my higher calling, and in synchronicity, I have met the right people at the right times. 

Areas of Study

Life Purpose Coach

Life Coaching with emphasis on Life Purpose.

Transformation Academy

Happiness Coaching

Robert Holden

Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki, Animal Reiki, Karuna Ki, Money Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Advanced Reiki techniques, Art of Energy Healing, Angelic Healing, Healing With Heaven, and more.

Lisa Powers, Aimee Phlegar, and many others

I have taken Reiki courses and certifications many times from many teachers. I’ve received the master attunement 2x.

Trance Healing Mediumship

Daniela Hills

Mental Mediumship Workshop

Robin Hodson for the Spiritualist Community (formerly Spiritualist Church)

The Official Learn Remote Viewing Course, Remote Viewing Geoloc, GPS, Investors, Influencing & More

Various Teachers

I use my own RV methods I learned through books and direct guidance from God/source. These classes have taught me what NOT to do.

Certified Fairyologist

Doreen Virtue

Study of the nature spirits and elemental realm. verified listing

Introduction to Dowsing and Transcendental Dowsing

Core Freedom Academy

Study of dowsing for intuitive readings, and removing and influencing energy.

Certified Angel Card Reader – live Maui workshop in 2014  

Doreen Virtue

How to use Tarot and Oracle cards and practiced reading clients.

Certified Angel Intuitive – live Maui workshop in 2014

Doreen Virtue

Angel Therapy and practice reading clients. verified listing

Certified Realm Reader

Doreen Virtue

Online course to learn how to determine spiritual realm and past lives.

Certified Crystal Reader

Doreen Virtue

Online course to learn how to perform divination with crystals.

Clairvoyance Therapy

Doreen Virtue

Online course to improve clairvoyance.

Medical Intuition Intensive

Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz

An online live course studying human anatomy, intuition, and emotional components.

NLP, Hypnotherapy, Subconscious and Subliminal Programming

I am carefully working my way through courses and certifications on these topics since 2017. I do not offer any of these as a service yet.


Karuna-Reiki-Certificatehealing-heavenAngelic Healing Practitioner Certificate-1Angelic Healing Practitioner Certificatetrance healing certificatemoney-reiki-masterenergy healing dragonsreiki-master-certificate-sada-nam-kaur-1024x774life-purpose-coacl-1024x791Sada-Nam-Kaur_RealmReaderCert-1024x903InkedArt-of-Energy-Healing-Certificate_LI-1024x791fairyologist-certificate-1024x791crystal-reiki-master-certificate-sada-nam-kaur-1024x789cacr10632572_744961388907855_6669494791224528994_nanimal-reiki-cert-1024x792crystal-reader-certificate-1024x792



If you are an event promoter or event host needing to validate documents I have a valid business license, fictitious business names, bodywork insurance for energy healing, certificates and more. Please contact me to request a copy for any of these documents.