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Dragon Energy Healing

This dragonic energy is already contained within yourselves. It is not heavy it is etheric. It is clearing transpersonal deities and relationships with your alternate selves. So that you learn there is no separation from self (false reality perceptions). We are the energy of yourself. Of transformation. Of completeness. To re-align with your true self. When you are lost and separated, closed off, afraid, missing… we help reunite all aspects of your being as we are guided to. Nothing is every truly lost however we help you find yourself again to help provide:

🐉 New Miracles 🐉 New Beginnings 🐉 Manifestations 🐉 More Connection With The Real You 🐉 Creativity 🐉 Growth 🐉 Compassion and Accepting Lessons 🐉 Emotional Clearing 🐉 Deepen and Ground Manifestations (all levels) 🐉 Growth From Competition or Ego Manipulation 🐉 Heightened Awareness 🐉 Empowered to Say No (better boundaries and self protection) 🐉 New Paths, Roads, Chances

~ Channeled by Sada Nam Kaur