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Law of Attraction Lessons

After more than a decade of study, trial, and error… Reading most of the Abraham Hicks books, and literally dozens of others… Windfalls of money and business… here are the basic key elements to effective manifestation I have determined thus far!

Determination / Certainty / Decision / Faith / Expectation

Many teachers, many words… all saying the same thing. Countless book authors and speakers from Anthony Robbins to my Life Coaches teach this same concept. What do you expect the outcome to be? What are you certain will happen? You have to have your energy so on board, and so in alignment, that you are certain what the outcome will be with unwavering faith.

The Feeling is The Secret

You don’t just get what you want (a specific dollar amount, or a car), you also get how you feel about it. We don’t just attract things, we also attract feelings. For example, if you feel that your business is stressful and you manifest more business, it will be even more stressful. If you believe relationships are dramatic and haven’t healed from the last one, you can manifest a partner with almost every quality on your list, except here comes the drama! You have to massively shift into how you want to feel first. “I feel peaceful about business. I expect business to be easy.  I am relaxed and my work gets done.”

80% Rule

How are you feeling about your life, about 80% or more of the time? Your dominant thoughts and feelings are what you will get.  If you say affirmations and do some visualization in the morning, yet feel like crap the rest of the day, you will not get it.

One of the longest runs of success and peace in my life, I made my feelings and mindset focus very important. Any time I fell into a negative thought pattern I literally stopped what I was doing. I would sit in my walk-in closet, close the door, and read positive books, and journal my feelings… until I walked out feeling better. On airplane rides I would read positive spiritual books, and Abraham Hicks cards the entire flight. I would also play healing music on my headphones. I kept my home clean, and prioritized time for self-care whenever everything started to spin out of control (which can happen when you have big manifestations). When I had a lot of boring stressful work I played documentaries in the background (something I love). When I had to wait for a call or instant message from a client I exercised in my home office while I was waiting. I was constantly helping myself keep my energy up, in little increments, and that was my priority. Yet whenever I fell out of my self care and high vibe routine, my manifestations fell as well.

After years of reflection, I can see how I caused these problems myself. Yes, I take accountability. We have the power in us, although sometimes we just don’t know how to use it – or know that we are using it. 

Subconscious Influences

What most people don’t realize, is what is happening when they are not focused on it. Outside words such as radio, tv, and casual conversation can get into our subconscious and manifest in our life.  The good news is that the words we speak about ourselves are always more powerful. If we are doing the inner work such as focusing on what we do want, affirmations, visualization, etc. we will overwrite these outside effects. However if not doing this work ourselves to decide what we want and make that the dominant energy in our lives, we may fall victim to outside influences that we don’t even notice are happening. This outside noise can have an effect on our subconscious mind because we are not consciously blocking it. For example, we may not believe our affirmations and give them resistance, yet relax and be open while a TV is playing in the background.

Are You Truly Ready For It?

A powerful exercise I do when something isn’t showing up is getting radically honest with myself. What if it showed up right now? This second. See what it truly blocking it from arriving.

Here’s a few examples:

The dream home – am I really ready to move? Are my boxes packed and organized?

The dream partner – do I feel ready to see my dream partner today? Or am I holding back because of how I feel about my appearance, free time, work demands, or other factors?

The increase in business volume – do I have my schedule organized? Time in my schedule? Enough intake forms printed? Could I handle 50 new orders this week on my website? Or 10 1-hr clients? Why not?

How Do You Talk About Yourself, to Yourself?

This one takes some new levels of awareness, as we often don’t notice. Try your best to pay attention in the small quiet moments of the day. While getting ready for work. Before bed. While doing chores. If your inner voice was broadcast on a loudspeaker for all to hear, would it be positive or negative?

You Get What You Focus On / Not What You Want

This is so unfortunately true! The Universe just responds to your Vibes (feelings, thoughts, words) like a magnet. It doesn’t hear yes/no, wants/doesn’t want. If you are focusing on some things, even if you don’t want them, you are just bringing it closer to happening. Look up the “Pivoting” exercise in Money and The Law Of Attraction by Abraham-Hicks. When we notice something we don’t want, we need to use that contrast to our benefit. “Ok I am aware that I don’t want this, I feel bad about it. So what is it that I do want?”

What You Hold Onto Is Holding Your Back! LET GO!

Sometimes we can’t move forward when we are tied down and committed to something or someone that is not in the direction that we want to go.  This is a difficult lesson and requires a lot of faith to do it.

Casual Conversations

One of the biggest saboteurs of manifestations is the casual conversations people have with others! Do you mildly complain to your friends? Have water cooler conversations at work? Complain and comment how bad something is over Facebook? Complain about how bad things are while watching the news?

If you do a few morning affirmations, yet engage in even mild complaining and fault finding throughout the day, it will show up. I’ve pointed out the exactness of how this manifests to people many times!

One time, a friend casually and jokingly said that her daughter didn’t need her bed, because her daughter still chose to sleep in her moms’ room. Shortly thereafter something accidental happened to the daughter’s bed and it was thrown away.

Once upon a time, I walked around my house and I would joke about throwing it all away (so I could be rent-free and travel the world – which I did not focus on enough apparently as I also had the belief of working hard). Shortly thereafter I had toxic mold happen  and had to throw away almost all of my furniture. I noticed the pattern that it matched exactly what I spoke that maybe I should just “throw it all away”.

While working downtown I would constantly listen to shopkeepers talk about how slow the business is, and so it often was. I would occasionally prepare my intention for the day, end of the day, read affirmations, meditate, and get into the vortex, and clients would magically show up!

I Want ____, So I Don’t Have ____ (conflicting vibes)

Want to manifest a rollercoaster experience of good and bad? The manifest like this:

“I want a high paying job so I don’t have to worry about money” – other circumstances will show up where you will have to worry about money.

“I want a good religious boyfriend so I will not be cheated on again” – and you’ll likely be cheated on again anyway.

“I want to work from home so I don’t have a boss controlling me.” – and you will work from home yet still have a controlling boss or similar conditions.

Be cautious about wanting something while also maintaining the emotion of a lack of not having it or the emotional of still having something you don’t want.

Inner Locus VS. Outer Locus of Control

“The extent to which people believe they have power over events in their lives. A person with an internal locus of control believes that he or she can influence events and their outcomes, while someone with an external locus of control blames outside forces for everything. ”

If you are feeling like a victim to outside energies, events, people, places, timing, and so on, it’s time to get back on track.

One of the best ways is reciting truthful “I am” affirmations about yourself. Start with your name “I am ___” and continue reciting your truths about yourself. These are not affirmations for manifesting. These are your core truths. “I am compassionate. I care about others. I am smart.” or whatever resonates with you personally. If you can feel like you are speaking them into or from your belly (solar plexus) where your personal power resides. This only has a benefit if you ACTUALLY DO IT and personally feel the experience of feeling in your power again.

Affirm For All Good Things

If you are not sure specifically what to ask for, then paint broad strokes. I learned this mostly from authors Florence Scovel Shinn and Marc Allen. If asking for, and manifesting money, an object, or relationship… ask that it be received in the highest good for yourself and all others. I call these blanket prayers, covering the entire ground, or painting broad strokes.

“In an easy and relaxed manner, a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I am now creating the life and world of my dreams…” ~ Marc Allen

Try using similar affirmation in your own words that feel true to you.

Intuition or Intention?

This is the communication of the universe! We need a balance of both for healthy communication. Just one without the other will not work. 

Intention: visualization, being creative, deciding what you want, choosing from a list of options, self-care to feel better, doing the inner work, going to the gym, etc. Putting the vibe out there that you want.

Intuition: listening, feeling, empathy, gut instincts, oracle and tarot card readings (law of attraction reflection tools), channeling, downloads, inspiration, reflection. Feeling what vibe you are working with, or receiving back from your intention, and navigating to work with it as best you can.

Focus on the Outcome

I may be saving you countless hours of Law of Attraction courses and books by telling you this ONE THING. Focus on the end result. You don’t have to know how it will get to you, how it will happen, or when. Leave that to the universe. Just focus on the end result. Maybe it’s how you finish a day at work. How do you feel? What are you celebrating? If you can get to that feeling and visualization NOW, whenever you do this, surprises will happen!

I did this one day before work, in meditation, I visualized making a deposit at the bank ATM at the end of a successful and happy day of seeing clients. Everything went as planned, and I had to laugh a little when a client gave me a check, then the mobile phone app would not work to deposit the check, and I literally had to go to the bank at the end of the day to make the deposit.

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