My Background

In spiritual studies: I’m Certified as an Angel Intuitive and Angel Card Reader in person by Doreen Virtue in Maui, Hawaii, 2014. I’m certified and/or completed courses in the following: Usui Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Animal Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Phoenix Rising Reiki, Dragon Sekhem, Money Reiki, Soul Relationship Empowerment, Realm Readings, Crystal Readings, Fairyologist, Trance Healer, Angelic Healer, Subconscious Power Healing, Grandmaster Reiki, and a Life Purpose Coach… just to name a few! I’ve also completed numerous courses on Tarot, Remote Viewing, Medical Intuition, Dowsing, Mediumship, Coaching,  Manifesting, many more… I love to study and experiment with energy and this is my passion!

I’ve also started in the corporate world in 2001, been a marketing consultant since 2007 (still currently booked out with clients Mon-Fri), a professional musician for many years, and much more…  my life experience helps my intuitive readings, providing a library of energy experiences and mental images.

The main lesson I learned from all my experiences is that it takes both intuition and real-world action to have the best results. We don’t live in one without the other, which is why I provide a mix of both positive results coaching and intuition in my sessions.

Integrity and Ethics

  • I keep God #1 when asking for answers. I work with “Spirit Guides” and “Angels” only when they are messengers from God. Because I am praying for your healing, mediumship will only happen when it is best for your healing at this time.
  • Integrity and boundaries with who and what I will look into. I pray that I only provide answers on a need-to-know basis for your highest and best well-being. For example, if asked about a suspected cheating partner, I will ask “what you need to know”, however, I won’t dig into everything about that other person. For example, I might bring up specific examples you are aware of, asking what your highest course is moving forward. It will resonate and bring peace of mind.
  • I set positive intentions and prayers for every session. Such as praying for the highest and best outcomes for everyone involved.

Brief History of My Intuitive Development

This could be a very lengthy book, I’ll do my best to provide a few examples and turning points!

Lessons and teachers showed up throughout my life. It was an unfolding of one lesson on top of another, as if I am in school from my angels, taking me by the hand and amazing mentors into my life at the right time.  I have amazing personal mentors that have been performing similar work for many more decades than I have. I am still on this adventure that never ends and growing to this day!

In the beginning, this wasn’t a fun experience. I didn’t understand what was happening. I had occasional premonitions as a kid and could sense spirits.  This resulted in having night terrors as a child and being hospitalized for anxiety many times as I did not understand that spirits were trying to connect with me (many other mediums have had this problem too, watch any of the TV shows about psychic kids or famous mediums explaining how their gifts developed).

My family was atheist, and born in 1980 there was no internet available to me as a kid. I found my first metaphysical store sometime around 1996, and the few books I picked up lead me to study Wicca, and experiment with energy work and meditation. This amplified my abilities even more which scared me so I put the books away and tried to ignore it. I believe this experience has made me very passionate about teaching as I was very lost in the beginning understanding my sensitivities.

Unfortunately, I had to learn my lessons the hard way in the beginning as I was very skeptic and even scared to listen. Over the years my intuition warned me about many life and death situations for myself many times… so I finally accepted that listening to my intuition was a matter of personal safety and since that day (in 2006) my life has been much more peaceful and safe.

I have one funny story that I like to share with my clients. On Easter morning of ’08 or ’09, I had planned to go to a family reunion. As I was planning to leave the house, I had the same feeling I had before other bad events in my life. At this time, I trusted my intuition 100% – so I called my mom to tell her I would not be attending because I “had a bad feeling.” She  eventually talked me into going , and although nervous and having an awful feeling about the day I went… and everything seemed to be ok. As I returned home, doubting my trust in my intuition…  I suddenly became very ill. From that event 28 people ended up with food poising or the stomach flu (we are not sure which – but it was really bad!). Now my mom trusts my intuition too (and she’s had about 10 more validations since).


What was my turning point?

The question I am asked most often, is what was my turning point? How did I find out I could do this?

Although I had many “psychic” type experiences throughout my life, I thought intuition was mostly for my own protection and personal use until 2014 when I registered for Doreen Virtue’s live Angel Intuitive course in Maui, HI. All I wanted was a few relaxing days of vacation. I didn’t read the class description. I assumed like any other Hay House event, she would be speaking on stage, I would take a few notes and perhaps meditate. Itruly did not know much about Doreen, I had just read her book called ‘Angel Words’ on the science of using positive words and I liked it.

Surprisingly to me, the entire course for 3 days, was 1-on-1 readings with complete strangers in class! Most readings involved no tools such as cards. I had no idea when I signed up I would be doing actual readings with strangers! I was in complete shock.

People were asking how long I had been a professional, and people were asking for extra readings at breaks. I had no idea that my similar ability to pick up on the energy of reading people and situations for myself, also worked reliably for complete strangers!

After this experience, I made a few new friends, and I spent about 1 year, non-stop performing free readings every day for anyone that would have one! They were reliable, consistent, accurate, which helped me build my confidence. When people kept coming back, I knew I eventually had to start charging to balance all the time and energy I was giving to others.

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