My Background

In spiritual studies: I’m Certified as an Angel Intuitive and Angel Card Reader in person by Doreen Virtue in Maui, Hawaii, 2014. I’m a Certified Usui Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Realm Reader, Crystal Reader, Fairyologist, Trance Healer, Angelic Healer, and Life Purpose Coach. I’ve also completed numerous courses including Tarot, Remote Viewing, Medical Intuition, Dowsing, Mediumship, Coaching, many Energy Healing Modalities… and always enrolled in many more.

Health and Wellness: I have been a personal trainer, lived on a raw food diet for years, currently vegan for 9+ years, studied kinesiology as a focus in college, obsessively studied holistic health and natural healing privately, and attended many natural health conferences. This knowledge helps my intuitive readings, however I rely on my intuition primarily, it gives me a great library for the messages I receive.

Other Professions: I’ve spent over a decade as a full-time Marketing Consultant, with an excellent track record for my clients. My clients have all stayed with me long term (if I chose to keep working with them), and my reputation has created a wait list of clients since I started. I’ve also owned an e-commerce business for over 10 years, worked in Futures, and occasionally have been a professional violinist.

 All of this experience has made me well-rounded with a diverse library of mental images to provide specific detail readings and advice.

The main lesson I learned from all my experience is that it takes both intuition and real-world action to have the best results. We don’t live in one without the other, which is why I provide a mix of both coaching and intuition in my sessions.

Integrity and Ethics

  • Integrity and boundaries with who and what I will look into. I pray that I only provide answers on a need-to-know basis for your highest and best well being. For example, if asked about a suspected cheating partner, I will ask “what you need to know”, however, I won’t dig into everything about that other person. For example, I might bring up specific examples you are aware of, asking what your highest course is moving forward. It will resonate and bring peace of mind. 
  • I set positive intentions and prayers for every session. Such as praying for the highest and best outcomes for everyone involved.
  • I keep God #1 when asking for answers. I work with “Spirit Guides” and “Angels” only when they are messengers from God. Because I am praying for your healing, mediumship will only happen when it is what is what is best for your healing at this time.

Brief History of My Intuitive Development

This could probably be a 100-page book, which I’m not entirely ready to share yet.

Lessons and teachers showed up throughout my life.

Random predictions or buzzing hands for a sick animal happened so many times…

It was an unfolding of one lesson on top of another, as if I am in school from my angels, taking me by the hand and the right teachers into my life at the right time.

In the beginning, it wasn’t fun. I didn’t understand what was happening.

My family was atheist, and born in 1980 there was no google or youtube to find people having similar experiences until about my mid-20’s.

I do believe this has made me very passionate about teaching others.

What was my turning point?

The question I am asked most often, is what was my turning point? How did I find out I could do this?

In 2014 I registered for Doreen Virtue’s live Angel Intuitive course. All I wanted was a few relaxing days in Maui, surrounded by spiritual and positive people. I didn’t read the class description. I assumed she would be speaking on stage like any other author, I would take a few notes, and meet a few new friends. I actually did not know much about Doreen, I loved her book called ‘Angel Words’ on the science of positive speaking.

Surprisingly to me, the entire course, (3 total days), was 1-on-1 readings with complete strangers in the class. Readings involved chakra readings and simple readings with no tools such as cards. I had no idea when I signed up I would be doing actual readings with strangers! I was in shock.

After a few readings people were asking how long I had been a professional, and people were asking for readings at breaks. I had no idea that my similar ability to catch a cheating boyfriend with clairvoyance also worked for complete strangers…


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