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LOA Basics

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✨ After over a decade of study, trial, and error, reading most of the Abraham Hicks books, and dozens of others…


It’s confirmed! I have an energy healing booth here!

I’m bringing my Jade and other crystal mats on a massage table for energy work and much more 💕

Daily Card Readings

If you didn’t already notice, I do (almost) daily card readings on Instagram and Facebook!

These card readings are designed with this intention:

What is the energy and/or patterns happening in the world right now affecting us all? What do we need to know for our highest and best good?

So, these are not a personal reading, however, for other empaths and psychics, they often feel that the messages resonate.

Many days I also post a channeled message under the card with more detail and depth.

Note: I rarely use cards in private readings.

In private client sessions unless I rarely use cards unless I am guided to a deck.

I perform most of my intuitive sessions with only a pen and blank piece of paper, no cards needed. 😉


oracle and tarot cards

Out with the old ~ in with the new!

Spirit Guides Me has a new logo and website! 🙏

Let me be clear, I love my old website ! 

Prayer to heal a job you don’t love…

Use your own words and descriptions to make it your own.
Pray and affirm:


God I now ask that you take this role and help make it well again.

Dragon Energy Healing 🐉

This page contains channeled text regarding the Dragon Energy Healing system I provide for clients.


This dragonic energy is already contained within yourselves. It is not heavy it is etheric. It is clearing transpersonal deities and relationships with your alternate selves. So that you learn there is no separation from self (false reality perceptions). We are the energy of yourself. Of transformation. Of completeness. To re-align with your true self. When you are lost and separated, closed off, afraid, missing… we help reunite all aspects of your being as we are guided to. Nothing is every truly lost however we help you find yourself again (BECOME YOUR TRUE SELF) to help provide:

🐉New Miracles
🐉 New Beginnings
🐉 Manifestations
🐉 More Connection With The Real You
🐉 Creativity
🐉 Growth
🐉 Compassion and Accepting Lessons
🐉 Emotional Clearing
🐉 Deepen and Ground Manifestations (all levels)
🐉 Growth From Competition or Ego Manipulation
🐉 Heightened Awareness
🐉 Empowered to Say No (better boundaries and self protection)
🐉 New Paths, Roads, Chances


Ready to experience dragon energy?


Book a Distance Session


Abundance Affirmations and Prayers

A sampling of my favorite prayers and affirmations from my favorite authors and thought leaders, along with a few of my own.