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October 2020 Update 

All sessions are provided via phone calls, face-to-face video calls (similar to Zoom), chat, or text messages. Due to social distancing and relocation for consulting work, I am not offering any in-person services at this time.

If you are interested in a service or time not offered here please contact me.



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Disclaimer: Services provided by Spirit Guides Me & Sada Nam Kaur is NOT a substitute for licensed health care professionals. The information is for motivational, inspirational, spiritual, and entertainment purposes only. Information that is shared is kept confidential unless you are in danger to yourself or others. If these circumstances are present some information may be released to appropriate authorities to attain assistance for the individual (s) at risk. By attending a session with Spirit Guides me or any of their representatives, you are agreeing to accept personal responsibility for the content, process, and outcome from the information received, waiving and releasing all actions, claims, and liability which may have resulted, directly or indirectly, from the services provided. Services are provided at your own risk.