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Where does your spirit guide you?


Goodbye Nevada City (for now)

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Hey Everyone 😃

I am in Nevada City Aug 24-29, if you want to get a private reading with me, please contact me now!

I’m holding a group energy healing session on Sunday 8/26 at 5pm  in Grass Valley, if you are interested please message me for details. This is a somewhat private gathering, although I am happy to extend the invitation to clients. There will also be other energy healers, speakers, vegan/vegetarian food, kava and cacao, and more.

After Aug 29th, I will be back in Las Vegas for 2 months (Sept – Oct).

For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been a marketing consultant for the past 12 years. I recently accepted an in-office consulting position for the next two months, and I am moving into that office next week. More on that in a future post 😃

From my private residence in the Las Vegas area, I will have the ability to skype video chat 1-on-1 for private readings. I will also be occasionally holding group meditation and energy healing locally as I am guided to.

I look forward to seeing all of you! 💖💖💖





20 Minute Live Call

During the call, we will cover as many topics as there is time for including relationships, career, making decisions, spiritual development, asking about your own abilities, medical intuitive reading, and pet readings.

Did you know? I typically only use oracle and tarot cards on social media and not in private appointments. 

What can I help you with?

Book your call now:

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Empath Blog: Feelings about work

Last Sunday night, after sharing a healing meditation with a friend anxiety came over me. It was a feeling I had not felt in a LONG time. A worry, fear, panic. Usually, I have this feeling around money or work.

By the way, I usually check-in on my other business on Sunday nights to see if there is anything I can tidy up before Monday morning, as people I work with are on the East Coast and start at 6 am my time and I will not be online to communicate with them.

Prayer to heal a job you don’t love…

Use your own words and descriptions to make it your own.

Pray and affirm:


God I now ask that you take this role and help make it well again.

God I love you and I love myself.

I know all can be well when I ask, trust, and relax.

Thank you for helping me.

I will follow the guidance you send me.

I know I deserve to be well, be well paid, and enjoy what I do.

Please now open the way for my divine right position in this world.

God please guide me now to the highest and best placement in a well paying career for me.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

💗 I am ready 💗


Feel Gratitude. It is done. 🙏🏻


Dragon Energy Healing

This dragonic energy is already contained within yourselves. It is not heavy it is etheric. It is clearing transpersonal deities and relationships with your alternate selves. So that you learn there is no separation from self (false reality perceptions). We are the energy of yourself. Of transformation. Of completeness. To re-align with your true self. When you are lost and separated, closed off, afraid, missing… we help reunite all aspects of your being as we are guided to. Nothing is every truly lost however we help you find yourself again to help provide:

🐉 New Miracles 🐉 New Beginnings 🐉 Manifestations 🐉 More Connection With The Real You 🐉 Creativity 🐉 Growth 🐉 Compassion and Accepting Lessons 🐉 Emotional Clearing 🐉 Deepen and Ground Manifestations (all levels) 🐉 Growth From Competition or Ego Manipulation 🐉 Heightened Awareness 🐉 Empowered to Say No (better boundaries and self protection) 🐉 New Paths, Roads, Chances

~ Channeled by Sada Nam Kaur