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Where does your spirit guide you...

Recent Posts


It’s confirmed! I have an energy healing booth here!

I’m bringing my Jade and other crystal mats on a massage table for energy work and much more 💕

Daily Card Readings

If you didn’t already notice, I do (almost) daily card readings on Instagram and Facebook!

Out with the old ~ in with the new!

Spirit Guides Me has a new logo and website! 🙏

Let me be clear, I love my old website ! 💕

After about a decade of making corporate websites and landing pages for clients, all I wanted a pink and sparkly website! ✨🤣

It’s actually an excellent quality web design with HTML5 video background, and I’ve received a lot of praise on (from other nerds mostly). However, even with improving my web host, it was simply too slow loading and complicated for my users.

I have a background in marketing consulting, and the numbers on the back end (50% bounce rate = 50% of people don’t wait a few seconds for a page to load) from the slow loading HTML5 video banners was no bueno. 👎

New Logo

I kept having an intuitive hit to ask a friend and tattoo artist @hobokellyart for a new logo design and finally asked!

Although my old logo looks professional it, I designed it simply because I needed one, and it it wasn’t very soulful for me.

I’ve always noticed the heart with wings. It’s used a lot of cultures, I have books new and old, and one of the oldest origins I know is the Sufi winged heart, which means that the pathway is through the heart. 💜

And wings were so important because I do frequently work with Angels in my readings.

I hope you enjoy the new site. Look around, and let me know what you think.